Saturday, December 6, 2008

Save the Faux

I was minding my business, not long ago
Repairing my house, it ain’t no chateau
When into a tree near my place flew a crow
Who took me aback with a hearty, “Hello!”

I stood there in awe, and a little bit dazed
‘Tho my senses returned, when Crow shrieked the phrase:

Save the Faux!

I was thinking I might need a nip of Merlot
To calm flesh and spirit, ‘til I felt all aglow
But ‘twas not to be, for that pesky old crow
Kept repeating his phrase:

Save the Faux! Save the Faux!

Not sure what to do, I gave it some thought
As I kicked at the dirt, a toad hopped to the spot
He told me a tale, of cruelty and sin
About faux that were killed for the fur on their skin.

A bear, and a deer, and a crow, and now you?
You critters that talk should all be in a zoo!
He just shook his head, and went on to say
You make me quite weary, but have it your way

When the faux are all gone, and there’s no more to whack
When your Hollywood types have no faux on their back
When the hunters are done with their arrow and bow
And the one’s had his turn, named Dr. Moreau
You’ll wish you had heeded the black-feathered one
And saved all the faux, and their daughters and sons

When none can be found on plain or plateau
The only faux likeness, portrayed by Van Gogh
You’ll wish you had listened, I know that you will
But now I am done, I’ll be still

The toad then fell quiet, and hopped on his way
Not knowing I knew, that a faux is a fake
And if you de-furred one, not a scream it would make
‘Cause you can’t and it won’t, for a faux is a FAKE!

The wee-warty one, had made off down the road
When I suddenly felt, ‘bout to lose all control
Inspired and stirred, by the words of that toad
‘Tho beyond all good reason, I started to crow:

Save the Faux! Save the Faux! Save the Faux!

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