Friday, January 23, 2009

The Idle One

He whose hands are pocket-sewn
I wish him all the best,
For if he weren’t so handicapped
He’d work with all us rest.

He casts about with wary eye
And never misses chance,
To duck and dodge at just the time
That suits his scheme the best.

He toils in his own way I s’pose
Though never breaks a sweat,
While trying hard to look the part
Of a regular hard-work vet.

He jowls well with the bosses
It’s all part of his plan,
To lull them into thinking
That he’s a go-get man.

He’s daily at your workplace
We all have one I guess,
He’s good at doing nothing
In fact, I’d say he’s best.

And if one day you ask him why
His idleness is dear,
He’ll present the memo from the boss
“I’m Employee of the Year!”

But one day he’ll get busted
Though perhaps it’s not to be,
‘Cause that big job that just opened up
They gave to him not me!

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