Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I’ve been told that I’m a procrastinator. I would take time to refute this lie, but I’m presently trying to meet a deadline for a writing project, so I’ll have to get back to you about the matter… maybe next week.

In fact, I’m quite the opposite of a procrastinator, and though I don’t know what the opposite of procrastinate is, I will almost certainly look it up sometime.

I have always exhibited a sense of urgency in everything that I do, and I can prove it.

For example, as I’ve been working on my project I’ve noticed that one of my fingernails is getting annoyingly long, which for me is about 1/1024th of an inch. Not being one to dawdle, I stop what I’m doing to attend the problem.

As I proactively snatch the fingernail clippers from my desk drawer, I notice the business card of a man that I’m supposed to call about my furnace. Not wanting to delay the call for another moment I immediately place the call and am told by his wife that he passed away two years ago.

I turn back to my work, a little bothered by the fact that this man had assured me that he would take a look at my furnace as soon as I gave him a call. As I study the three lines that I’ve already written I feel an internal gnawing that reminds me it’s time for lunch.

Wishing to be punctual, as usual, for the little meal that I know my wife is preparing, I promptly move to the kitchen—once I've determined that my help isn't needed.

After lunch, it is straight back to the desk to finish my project. I make some changes to those three lines that I’ve completed, and contemplate where next to take the writing when I realize that I forgot to help my wife with the dishes from lunch. I drop everything and return to the kitchen just as she is drying the last fork.

While in the kitchen it seems to me that the clock must be running slow, so I decide, without delay, to set the clock to the correct time and synchronize the other clocks in the house, as well.

Then, it is straight back to the desk to put my shoulder to the wheel and finish my task.

Arriving at my desk I again notice the time, and the late hour, (it’s already 1 pm!). Always one to do my best to maintain a strict schedule, I waste not a moment as I move to the couch for my nap.

I awaken before I’m fully rested, but there’s work to be done and I’m not one to dilly-dally. As the hour is growing extremely late (it is now 3 pm) I decide the wisest choice would be to adjourn for the day, to start again tomorrow, when I'm refreshed.

Later, when I consider making a list of things that I must do tomorrow, I will place the writing project at the top of my list.

How dare anyone suggest that I’m a procrastinator!

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